There is no shortage of places where you can purchase a high-quality rifle right off of the shelf. If your goal is simply to own a rifle, then that could be the best option for you. It’s what many hunters, gun enthusiasts, and security professionals do every day and with great results. However, if you are a passionate gun owner who believes in knowing your rifle inside and out, then it might be better to purchase rifle parts from Thunder Arms and build your rifle yourself. Here are five reasons you need to pick up a rifle kit from our online store and get to work on putting together your own rifle using Thunder Arms parts:

Why Building Your Rifle From a Kit Could Be Best Option

You’ll know your weapon inside and out. 

When you build your rifle using the rifle parts that you find in our online store, you’ll gain an intimate knowledge of how your rifle works. This can be incredibly useful when it comes to doing repairs or upgrades because you’ll understand how the entire piece went together and what needs to come apart in order to get the job done. You don’t get that kind of knowledge from simply buying a rifle off of the shelf. It’s a great way for anyone new to gun collecting or use to get to know more about how these impressive pieces of gear work.

The customization options are endless. 

If you decide that you want to upgrade a part of your rifle or customize a feature, it’s much easier to do when you are putting the rifle together on your own. You can opt to switch out the barrel, handle, or any other part of the rifle in order to make it exactly what you want and need. Integrating those customized options are a breeze when you are putting your rifle together, instead of requiring you to take it apart or send it off to a third party to have the customization done. That could save you money, too, so you can upgrade or start saving for your next piece.

It gives you a useful and necessary skill. 

While you might not have any plans to open a gun manufacturing business of your own, having the skills required to properly tool a rifle and put it together can’t be overestimated. When you put your rifle together using our parts, you’ll gain an in-demand skill that could lead to future opportunities or at least enable you to help your buddies get their rifles built, too. There is no doubt that you’ll be glad that you learned these useful skills!

You can build your piece for less.

You can often end up building your rifle from parts at less expense than you can buying it off of the shelf. That’s because when you buy off of the shelf you are paying for someone else’s labor and skill. You can do the labor yourself and end up saving you money. That money can be put into upgrades or another rifle kit. 

There are fewer regulations to worry about.

Many rifle kits use 80 lower receiver parts which do not fall under Federal firearms regulations because they cannot be considered a firearm in their current state. That’s not a way to get around firearms regulations, but it does mean that you can purchase the rifle parts that you need without worrying about undue scrutiny or the hassle of certain laws and licenses. 

Get Your Rifle Parts & Kits from Thunder Arms

Are you ready to build your own rifle from parts and kits available at Thunder Arms? Start shopping in our online store today and find everything that you need. We have a great selection of all the parts and kits that you need to build the rifle that you want. Don’t forget that right now when you create a positive video review of a product that you purchase from our website, you can get 30% off your order and free shipping. Learn more about this awesome deal on our website and take advantage of the offer so you can get all of the great rifle parts that you need for your next build.

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