Barrels are a big deal. You can tell just by visiting the barrel section of our online rifle parts store…there are a dozen different barrel parts options, including barrels for AR-15s, stainless steel barrels, blackout barrels, phosphate barrels and so much more. You also know that choosing the right barrel is a big deal when it inspired heated debate among gun enthusiasts. So which one is right for the firearm you are building? Finding the right rifle parts doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing, even when it’s a vital part like the barrel. The team at Thunder Guns has put together a helpful guide that will assist you in finding the perfect barrel for your firearms project. 

Things to Consider When Choose a Barrel


Length is one of the first considerations when choosing a barrel. The longer your barrel, typically the more weight you are going to have on the firearm. Some people prefer a longer barrel and heavier weight due to the swing it provides. Plus, the longer the barrel, the more accurate the aim will be over long distances. Of course, that’s all depending on the shooters skill, too, so don’t assume that a longer barrel will fix your aiming issues. Shorter barrels have advantages, though, as well. They are lighter and are easier to use in smaller spaces. Take this into consideration when picking your barrel.


Different steels offer different benefits and drawbacks. It’s important to think about what matters to you when it comes to your firearm. Would you rather have a barrel that’s more resistant to corrosion or one that is going to last for a long, long time? Your answer will help dictate which barrel material you should look for when shopping online for rifle parts. For instance, stainless steel is easier to machine and will withstand a lot of abuse without letting you down. 


Some people choose their contour based on their preference for how the finished firearm looks, but contour plays a role in how your firearm performs, too, so it’s an important consideration. Heavier contours are slow to heat up but take longer to cool off; their weight can help lessen the recoil of the gun, too. Thinner contours are good because they cool off quickly, but they also jump around a lot more. A medium contour is a good all-purpose choice if you aren’t looking for a specific result. 

Twist Rate.

Think about what kind of bullets you plan on using in your firearm. That’s going to help you decide which twist rate is best. The twist rate is the speed at which the machining inside of the barrel spins the bullet as it’s fired; you want your bullet to find the perfect twist rate balance. Not spinning fast enough or spinning too quickly can make the shot inaccurate or cause it to drift. The right spin can help keep the bullet stable as it travels in the air. 


Some people like chrome lining in their barrels because it makes them much easier to clean. Others dislike it because it’s difficult to apply and can reduce the accuracy of their firearm. If you plan on shooting your piece a lot, it’s probably worth it to get chrome lining just so you can clean the barrel better, but they are a more significant investment.

What It Really All Comes Down To Is This

There is a lot of heated debate about what type of barrel to get when shopping for rifle parts both on the internet and at your local gun shop. The truth is, which barrel is right for your firearm comes down to this: 

Your preference.

There are endless options, but the barrel that you like to shoot with is the one that’s right for your gun. Some people like longer barrels, some prefer a heavier weight, and some hate chrome lining. At the end of the day, though, it’s what you like that really matters. 

That’s why Thunder Guns offers a range of barrel options along with all of our other rifle parts. You’ll be able to find the barrel that you want at a great price. Plus, if you aren’t sure which barrel you prefer, you can buy from us knowing that each piece that we sell is held to the highest possible standard, so you can be confident in the performance and quality. 

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