About Thunder Guns / Discount Parts

With a belief in stylish design without compromising quality, Thunder Guns prides itself in supplying you with your quality AR-15 pieces. After all, these are the same AR-15 rifle parts we put into rifles that we use ourselves. Whether it be a regular black or pure red upper and lower receiver, a pistol length or full 16” barrel, a quad rail or down to basics handguard, or even a complete AR kit, we have the parts to build your rifle your way.

The AR-15 has been on the market since the 1960s, showing that it has the quality and dependability that so many look for even to this day. We dedicate ourselves to matching the commitment found in the manufacturing of the AR-15 rifle in our own parts. It can be a fully machined 80% AR-15 lower receiver or a simple 7.5” AR-15 barrel; if it isn’t up to your standards, then it isn’t up to ours. Match this with our variety of colors available, and you can truly say that this is your rifle, and there are no others like it.

Start building your own personal AR-15 today by shopping our selection of gun parts online. With sales happening regularly, building your rifle with our AR-15 parts and assemblies is both easy and affordable. If you have any questions, we have experienced firearms specialists ready to help.

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