Most shooters have developed a system for cleaning their rifles in a way that almost borders on religious ceremony. The importance of keeping your AR-15 in optimal condition is tantamount to eating in survival situations. As a provider of the best gun parts online, Thunder Guns offers a wide range of AR kits for sale. If you’re looking for an AR-15 jig kit, or even considering building an M1911, our store is the one-stop shop. While Thunder Guns provides all of the kits and accessories you could ever need, we cannot help you in the field. Proper maintenance should be performed on a consistent basis to ensure rifle longevity and reliability. Today’s blog will focus in on a few general tips that can educate the new enthusiast or even remind the more experienced shooter.


Keeping Out The Junk

Unlike the Kalashnikov rifles, AR-15s are composed of intricately machined and precisely-fitted components. Everything needs to work in tandem to produce a smooth, accurate shot. Your AR-15 relies on the smooth movement of the bolt carrier group through the upper receiver to produce the proper gas blowback to re-chamber and be ready for another shot. If any grit or debris enters the action, your rifle can jam. As competition shooters and survivalists alike will tell you, this is one of the worst things that can happen in a dangerous situation. If debris does manage to get in, simply disassemble the bolt carrier group and give it a once-over with a clean rag, cloth, cotton swab, or any similar product. Once put back together, cycle through several times to ensure that there is no friction. Over time, this fix should become more second-nature and less time consuming for shooters of all types.


Running Your Rifle Wet

Lubrication is a central theme in AR care, and it is essential for extended periods of shooting. Going to the range, for example, can result in hundreds of rounds being spent. If your rifle is dry, the lack of lubrication and heat will work in tandem to seize up the action. Without proper oil use, friction and high temperatures will also cause excessive wear and tear on nearly all moving components. Before any extended shooting engagement, be sure to add a lubricant to the bolt and let it sit. Doing this will ensure that your rifle is wet and ready to fire.



Checking Your Bolt Carrier Key

One issue that seems to occur often enough to fill several forums is the failure of a rifle to complete its blowback. When this happens, it’s wise to check the carrier key to ensure that everything is tight and secure. Over time, the screws holding this vital part in place can loosen up, resulting in gas leaks, and extraction failures. Experienced shooters may purchase a staking tool that can help to easily re-stake the screws. For those who do not wish to invest in this tool, any thread sealant (aka loctite) can work as well.

When it comes to keeping your rifle in optimal operating condition, there are literally dozens of details to check and clean in order to ensure reliability. Rifle jams can almost always be caused by grime in the action, poor lubrication, or an improperly functioning magazine. Next time, we’ll look at a few key components that should be cleaned to keep everything up to snuff. If you’re looking for any AR-15 parts or upgrades, you’ve come to the right place. Thunder Guns sells the best gun parts online for shooting enthusiasts of all types. From complete AR kits to phosphate barrels, we stock everything your rifle needs to excel in the field. Browse our inventory today to find the perfect upgrades or accessories for your next build!

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