The modern rifle is a feat of precision engineering. Everything needs to be in perfect working order to ensure smooth and reliable operation. As a provider of the best gun parts online, Thunder Guns knows the importance of proper care for the life of your AR-15. We offer complete AR kits, .223 and .308 rifle barrels, M1911 parts and accessories, and everything in between. If you’re considering building a new rifle, we’ve got you covered! While assembling a complete AR build kit is an enjoyable endeavor, keeping it clean afterwards is essential. Our last blog focused on a few key components to take care of when maintaining your rifle. Today, we’ll look more in depth at a few key AR-15 parts to check and clean when going through the ceremonious action of stripping and cleaning your rifle. While experienced shooters can field strip and reassemble their firearms in their sleep, newer enthusiasts may need some basic education. With Thunder Guns, customers can receive high quality at affordable prices. Put in discount code VALENTINE today to receive 15% off of everything sitewide!

ALWAYS CLEAR YOUR RIFLE BEFORE CLEANING: DROP THE MAGAZINE, THEN CYCLE THE ACTION. Once your rifle has been cleared and disassembled, there are a few key parts that should be inspected and cleaned.

  • Bolt lugs. These pieces are a vital part of the safety of your rifle. Be sure to inspect the lugs to check for signs of damage. If any peening or denting has occurred, make sure to replace it before it gets any worse!
  • Extractor. The extractor and spring in your rifle is under constant stress when firing, leading to wear and tear. Check to make sure that the spring and booster are in working condition and free of grime and buildup. If anything here is out of spec, the replacements are relatively inexpensive.
  • Firing pin. Without a properly working firing pin, your rifle is useless. Wipe this piece down to remove any grime and inspect it to ensure that the tip is nice and smooth. If there is any marring or chipping, a failure may be in your near future. We recommend replacing this inexpensive piece posthaste.
  • Recoil buffer. Diving into the lower receiver parts, it’s time to remove the buffer and spring from your AR-15. It’s important to visually inspect all parts of this assembly to ensure that no damages are present. Your lower receiver will be the source of much more gunk, so be sure to wipe everything down thoroughly and apply light lubrication.

Lubrication. While almost every mechanism in your rifle should be wiped down lightly with gun oil, it’s important to regularly lubricate your bolt assembly. Using too much oil (or grease for your cam pin!) can be nearly as hazardous to the rifle’s reliability as leaving it dry. Moving parts do need lubrication to reduce friction, but excess oil can actually attract dirt and debris, effectively encouraging a jam. Every shooter has their own view on exactly how to lube up their rifle. Thunder Guns recommends trying your own system to see what produces the best results for your unique build and shooting preference. Shop our comprehensive inventory of gun parts online or contact us to learn more today!

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