300 Blackout Accessories

The 300 Blackout is a well-designed gun because it allows you to customize it with our great 300 Blackout Accessories. With a simple modification to the barrel, it will feel as if you are handling a completely different gun. Not only is the 300 Blackout a great modular firearm, but it is also a firearm that uses larger bullets for more damage and is much quieter as well.

Thunder Guns has created an extensive inventory of firearms that fit the needs of its customers, which is why it was a no-brainer to choose add the 300 Blackout to the list. Gun owners use their guns for various purposes, whether it is for competition, hunting or simply home defense.

Knowing that, Thunder Guns wanted to make sure it provided firearms that could serve multiple purposes, which is why products like our 300 Blackout, 300 Blackout Upper, 300 Blackout Barrel, and 300 Blackout Complete Upper have been our best sellers for years. We have the Best 300 Blackout Upper no matter what you're looking for.

Our expert staff is fully aware of the capabilities of the 300 Blackout as it just doesn’t suit the purpose of one firearm, but several.

On top of its modular design, the accessories that come along with it help make it the best weapon for many enthusiasts.


Make Hunting Great

The 300 Blackout gun is a preferred weapon for many hunters. The 300 Blackout conforms to state hunting regulations that could require larger than .22 caliber bullets. There’s also the added benefit of the power that comes with the 300 Blackout, which ensures that you will get the kill that you want when you are out on the hunt.

In addition to the firepower that comes with it, the 300 Blackout is also a much quieter gun. When you’re out hunting, we all know the importance that sound can make. Sneaking up on the right prey and getting a good shot requires a steady hand and a cool trigger finger. The 300 Blackout does its best in aiding you by being much quieter than other firearms of its type. Once again, the modular capabilities of this firearm come into play with you being able to change it to the point where you can shoot with a gun that feels right for you.


300 Blackout Accessories


Optimal Modular Design

Quite possibly the best aspect of the 300 Blackout is its modular construction, which is what makes it such a desirable firearm. The simplicity of this gun makes it easy to change the 300 Blackout upper to a long-range rifle, carbine or even an entirely different caliber. This makes this gun an all-around firearm for use in various situations. Don’t just think of it as a tool for hunting, but also for competitive use as well. Your home defense rifle can quickly be used for various utilities based on your needs. Take into consideration how this one firearm can fit the multiple needs of anyone who needs a firearm and you will understand why Thunder Guns considers it one of the best.


A Dependable Home Defense Rifle

The 300 Blackout can easily be considered as a great all-around gun, which means that it more than does the job as a home defense weapon. When it comes to defending your home, the two things you need to really focus on is accuracy and power. You want to make sure that when you are in a situation to make a shot, you aren’t going to miss.

The 300 Blackout barrel comes in various types and Thunder Guns offers a few. Any firearm can do the trick in stopping a home invader, but the 300 Blackout is capable of being made for specific situations with the different accessories that can be attached to it.


 300 Blackout Accessories


The Jack of All Trades

No firearm is the best at everything. No matter what gun you choose, it will always have some sort of setback that keeps it from being exceptional for every situation. The 300 Blackout seems to be the one exception to that rule.

While the firearm isn’t perfect, its design can’t be spoken highly of enough. Thunder Guns has been providing 300 Blackout firearms since the company’s inception and it continues to do so because of the high standard these firearms set.


Affordable Options for All Gun Owners

Thunder Guns provides a long list of products, which includes a phosphate barrel, crush washer, quad rail barrels, keymod rails and more.

We’ve increased our inventory to provide you with a wide array of accessories to go along with our Gun Kits and pistol products.

For those that are interested in taking home a 300 Blackout firearm, check out what Thunder Guns has in store in terms of our 300 Blackout upper and other products like our 300 Blackout Build Kit, 300 Blackout Barrel, and 300 Blackout Upper Receiver.

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