Magpul is one of the best high-tech firearm companies in America. Focusing on polymer and composite materials, Magpul accessories are some of the best in our collection at Thunder Tactical.


Magpul MOE AR-15/M16 Grip ($19.98) - This black beauty is made with injection molded polymer and is a quick grip upgrade for the AR15 and M15 models. It is ergonomically contoured to fit a sturdy hand for best weapon control.


Magpul AR-15/M16 MBUS GEN 2 Front & Rear Flip Sights Set ($98.99) - Provide an optic backup with these low-profile, flat top-mounted sights that immediately deploy or retract with the touch of a finger. The flat contour won’t snag on other gear or brush while folded. These sights provide the same height over bore as standard A2 iron sights and come with adjustable apertures.


Magpul AR-15 MOE Carbine Stock Mil-Spec ($44.79) - The Magpul Orientation Equipment (MOE) Mil-Spec stock is a replacement buttstock for AR-15 and M16 carbines with similarly sized receiver extension tubes. The A-frame stock provides added strength and protection while it streamlines its profile.


Magpul MOE Stock Kit Assembly Mil-Spec ($68.94) - Upgrade a few elements of your AR-15 or M16 with this MOE Mil-Spec stock, diameter buffer tube, latch plate, nut, buffer spring, and carbine buffer. Protect your shoulder with the included buttpad.


Magpul AFG2 Angled Front Grip ($39.95) - Reduce the size of your front grip with this Magpul accessory. The smaller size means it can be mounted on a wider variety of carbines and rifles. It is also more compatible with rail covers.