Go Big Or Go Home: Comparing AR-10’s to Your AR-15

Thunder Guns is proud to offer the best rifle parts for any and all of your building needs. We provide an extensive inventory of gun parts online, from rifle handguards to pistol kits. While our site is suited for all levels of builders, we understand that newer enthusiasts are also looking to create their own rifle with one of our 80 percent lower jigs. Today, we’ll look deeper into the awesomeness that is our collection of .308 rifle kits and why people may opt for this option over the standard .223 AR-15. While every story has two sides, each product has its own strengths and drawbacks. With Thunder Guns, you’ll have the tools and expertise to craft your own custom rifle and impress others at the next range day!


What’s the Difference Between an AR-10 and my AR-15?

A good question. Your standard AR-15 is a class of rifles that bear resemblance to the M16 rifle but with semi-auto instead of fully-automatic. As such, variants under this name are chambered for the 5.56mm or .223 caliber rifle round, a mainstay in American military firearms. The AR-10, on the other hand, is a modified AR-15 that was changed to receive and fire larger rounds. Typically, AR-10’s utilize the 7.62 NATO round, also known as a .308 in civilian weaponry. Anyone looking to “go big” with their assault rifle will be more than happy with one of our .308 rifle kits. While the differences between the two may not be earth-shattering, here are a few quick differences that may factor into your decision-making process:

  • Power. Based on the size differences, we’re guessing that you already know that the .308 round is larger and packs a bigger punch than its 5.56mm counterpart. Opinions vary on the importance of this aspect, with some enthusiasts state that the AR-15 is more of a pea-shooter while the 7.62 brings more knockdown power. Both rounds can be used to  hunt in survival situations (i.e. deer and small game), but larger game will require a larger round. The .308 is known to be an effective answer for all big game in North America, giving it an advantage to hunters nationwide. An effect from the power delivered is recoil, which tends to be minimized amongst AR-15 variations. The .308 round will pack more of a punch, meaning you’ll spend more time reacquiring your target. Both have proven to be very effective in a number of applications. In the end, Thunder Guns encourages choosing based on personal preference.
  • Range. We’re confident that many readers are ahead of us on this facet. The .308 delivers more muzzle energy, equating to a longer range efficiency. Sceptics have posited that the larger round is not quite as accurate at long range, meaning that it’s better to hit something at long range than to not hit it at all! Here at Thunder Guns, we believe that much of marksmanship comes down to the individual shooter and not the weapon ballistics. If you can’t hit a target at 20 yards, the size and effective range of your rounds will mean nothing!
  • Ammo Capacity. One advantage the AR-15 has hands down is its magazine capacity. Smaller rounds equal more rounds per mag, leading to a solid benefit in situations that require sustained firepower. As always, the choice should be decided by user preference. Some rifle owners prefer more in the magazine for defensive capabilities while others state that the larger round will solve any capacity shortcomings. The magazine itself is a major factor in this decision as well. Whereas .308 mags are costly and hard to find, AR-15 magazines are cost-effective and easy to acquire (depending on where you live!). People have been known to locate cheap 7.62 magazines in numerous locations, so it once again comes down to user choice.
  • Weight. Hunters and shooting sports enthusiasts alike are keenly focused on the overall weight of their kit. AR-15s tend to hold the advantage of lighter weights and lighter ammo loads for long-distance engagements. Hoofing it up steep terrain can be very challenging with bulk and weight bringing you down. However, many people have stated that they prefer the advantages of range and power for when they get to their destination. Your unique needs may dictate whether or not the weight of your kit will disqualify a heavier rifle from contention.
  • Cost. Every decision we make seems to be colored by financial costs, and upgrading with top-notch rifle parts is no different. A cost-benefit analysis should be completed on your end to achieve a better understanding of the fiscal dynamics of purchasing an AR-10 rifle kit. Ammo costs vary, but .308 rounds typically cost a pretty penny more. Builders who budget appropriately are often very pleased with their builds and the results, while the casual gunsmith may quickly be forced to reduce range trips due to insufficient funds. Planning and personal preference once again come into play, this time with money management.

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  • John Hardt
    Posted January 3, 2019 1:41 pm

    308 complete rifle kit SKU-145 great kit except for lower parts kit issues no safe fire marks on lower trigger hammer pins 1/64 short mag release short safety selector and grip are cheap rear take down detent spring short some parts seem to be AR15 thanks John

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