Five Benefits of Building Your Own AR-15

The AR-15 is often called America’s favorite firearm, and it’s not difficult to see why. This rifle is one of the most versatile on the market, especially when gunsmiths build these beauties from the ground up. Some gun owners may be intimidated by the prospect of building their own rifles and opt instead to purchase off the shelf, but the AR-15 is the ideal rifle to transform into your ideal rifle. As retired police officer, firearms instructor, and blogger Phil White stated in a blog posted to, “If there was ever a rifle that begged to be built by a shooter it’s the AR-15.”

Five Benefits of Building Your Own AR-15

Best Quality Parts

When you decide to build your own AR-15, you have control over every part that goes into the assembly of your rifle from the stock to the barrel. That means you can ensure that you get only the best quality parts for your build. When it comes to shopping for quality AR-15 gun parts online, you can start right here at Thunder Tactical. We sell a wide variety of AR-15 rifle kits, 80 percent lowers, lower parts kits, and more.

Before shopping for your AR-15 parts, be sure to do your research. An AR-15 built entirely out of inferior gun parts may not function the way you want it to, and you may end up spending more money in the long run replacing these cheaper parts. If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend finding a local resource, such as a friend who has built his or her own AR-15. If you don’t have friends who are that gun savvy, you can always bother the knowledgeable folks at your local firearms or hardware store.


The build option can be comparably affordable, but whether or not you save money on your AR-15 rifle build will ultimately depend on you. If you purchase most of the individual parts you need from the same manufacturer, opt for a stripped lower, and watch your budget, you could save a significant amount of money versus purchasing a new AR-15 off the shelf. That being said, it is very possible and can be far too easy to spend more on parts than you would have on a complete rifle, especially if you’re purchasing one pin from here, a spring from there, and so on. Try not to get too bogged down in all of the little details. If the parts you have are made of quality materials and are machined to the proper tolerances, you’ll be good to go.

Personal Satisfaction

Some people just don’t like working with their hands, and these people may not be right for an AR-15 rifle build, but for those of us who thrive on hands-on projects, building one’s own rifle is as close to being as good as it gets… as it gets. There’s a certain kind of personal satisfaction that comes with being able to say, “I built that,” instead of “I bought that.” Whether you’ve got a coal forge in your backyard, where you regularly craft your own knives and other blades or you haven’t done an art project since cutting out paper snowflakes in grade school, you’ll never experience a feeling like shooting a hand-built AR-15 for the first time.

Build Your Ideal Rifle

There’s a reason that DIY gunsmiths regularly choose the AR-15 as opposed to, say, an AK or an M1A for custom build projects: the AR-15 is so customizable, you can end up with a rifle that has literally been built for you. Let’s say, for example, that you’re a five foot tall woman building the ideal rifle for you. You may not be able to hold the average eight pound AR-15 up for very long in a standing position, so your gun should probably be lightweight, and you may opt for a skeletonized upper in order to build a more carryable weapon. You may also shop for a very specific stock in order to reduce recoil as much as possible.

Here at Thunder Tactical, we want you to be able to be able to customize your AR-15 to make it truly feel like your own, so we offer many of our parts in a variety of anodized colors.

Know Your Rifle

If you’re new to the world of shooting and gun ownership, one of the trickiest things to learn is how all of the little parts in your guns work. You may pick up a Glock and encounter a very simple takedown, or you may pick up something more difficult, such as a 1911 or a Ruger MK II, and have a much harder time trying to put that thing back together. All of this being said, can you imagine how well you’ll know your AR-15 once you go through the process of building it? This is one of the most significant benefits of building your own AR-15; you’ll know every nook, cranny, pin, spring, and part of your rifle. Encounter a malfunction at the range? More than likely, you’ll be able to identify what is causing the problem quickly because you’ll already understand the inner workings of your rifle.

If these benefits aren’t enough to convince you to give an AR-15 build a try, well, there’s only one more thing we can say: there’s simply nothing like shooting a firearm that you built yourself. If you want to experience this for yourself, you can start shopping for your AR-15 gun parts online here at Thunder Tactical. Have questions for us? Contact one our firearms specialists online.

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