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Thunder Guns has been home to the 308 rifle and tactical shooting parts like the 308 lower receiver since 2014 providing the people of Daytona Beach, Florida and the surrounding areas with a place to purchase guns, gun kits, and accessories from a trusted brand. Thunder Guns is a family owned and operated business, which has always had the goal of providing customers with the type of care and service that you can only receive from a place with a great selection, competitive prices and a knowledgeable staff. Countless firearms have come together under one place to give you one of the finest gun shops in the area We offer rifle parts like M16A2 parts to optimize your firearm & improve quality.

Whether in times of peace or great political strife, America has prided itself in allowing its citizens to protect themselves with the right to bear arms. Thunder Guns believes every American citizen should be able to protect themselves and their loved ones from harm. We not only want to provide the best service, but we also wanted to create a place where people in Daytona Beach, Florida and throughout the United States can get the right firearms and tactical shooting gear at an affordable price. Thunder Guns offers the latest in 308 rifles and other firearm accessories. We have just the tool you need, whether you are a new gun owner wanting to upgrade your arsenal or you simply want to add to your collection.

 308 Lower Receiver

Several Types of Firearms and Accessories to Choose From


To be a good shot you need the right gear. Using the best M16A2 parts. That is where Thunder Guns comes into play. We will help your tactical shooting with our long list of firearms including the 308 rifle and AR-15’s. Unless you rarely use your firearm, you will definitely need a rifle to either replace an old one or just update your current inventory. Thunder Guns focuses on helping gun owners find the right tool they need to take things to the next level.

When Thunder Guns was first created, we realized that there were several options available for gun owners to purchase new firearms, but we didn’t see many businesses that were focused on helping the gun owner find exactly what they need. At Thunder Guns, we decided to focus on the gun owner as if he was a part of the family and help them find whatever it is you need. We don’t just offer firearms; we serve as an all-purpose gun shop for gun enthusiasts across the country.

Our extensive inventory includes .300 Blackout and .308 caliber rifles. We have AR-15, AR-10, and AR-9 weapons as well. In fact, whether you need camping gear, hunting gear, 80% lower and upper receives or any other supplies, we have it.



The Best Quality Available


When it comes to finding the right firearm, brand is one of the first things most gun owners notice. The right brand assures you that you’re getting a quality firearm right from the start. Thunder Guns proudly provides the Magpul, which is without a doubt one of the best brands when it comes to tactical shooting products and accessories.

Our focus on premier brands is what makes us the best gun shop in Daytona Beach. As true gun enthusiasts with several years of expertise under our belts, Thunder Guns knows what makes a great firearm. In fact, our guns aren’t the only things that we take pride in when it comes to brand. Our rifle kits and accessories are also very high quality, which is exemplified by the performance of the finished product.


Parts and Kits for the Best Gun Owners


Thunder Guns knows that buying a gun isn’t the only option. In fact, many people are big fans of building their rifle. A kit won’t just give you a great rifle, but it will also teach you the ins and outs of your firearm. We provide the best in rifle kits, which have every component needed to complete your rifle. You can choose a kit that comes with or without the 80 percent machine stripped lower receiver. To make sure that you are getting exactly what you want, these kits are customizable and built to order.

308 rifle kits aren’t our only gun parts kits available; we provide AR-15 parts, pistol kits which gives you the best way to get a true hands-on experience muzzleloading. These tools are not only easy to access, but they also have step-by-step instructions that can be understood by even the newest gun enthusiasts.

In addition to kits, Thunder Guns also comes fully equipped with a long list of online gun parts. Tactical shooting requires the best parts and accessories and we work hard to keep you covered.

308 Lower Receiver 

What Thunder Guns Offers


At Thunder Guns, we know you have your fair share of options when it comes to gun shops in Daytona Beach. We’ve seen what’s out there and we are 100% sure our family owned and operated business can provide you with better. We’ve been in business since 2014 and throughout that time we’ve helped numerous customers travel that journey from gun novice to tactical expert.

The right gun shop is not just one where you can purchase a good firearm, but it is one that you can trust.

Contact us today and see what we have available.

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