The AR industry has skyrocketed over the course of the past decade. Building and buying ARs has become the norm for firearm enthusiasts, no matter their level of ability.

The reason for this AR boom is the AR 80 lower parts kit. But how do you go about putting one of these invaluable kits together?

What Is an 80% Lower?

The term 80% lower refers to any AR lower receiver that is left only 80% completed. If this part, which contains the control fire group, is left unfinished like this, it is not legally considered a firearm. In reality, it is just a block of metal.

Since it is not legally classified as a firearm, the 80% lower can be delivered directly to the buyer with no regulations whatsoever. Essentially, what this means is that anyone could buy an AR parts kit and assemble it at home.

However, this also means the buyer must have the tools to complete the lower receiver of their AR. Here are the recommended tools to complete an AR 80% lower.

What Kind of Tools?

There are a lot of ways to complete your 80% lower. With all of them though, it is important to factor in patience and careful planning.

All of these tools are dependant on their availability. Some may take a little more precision, and others may take more skill. Here is a list of the most commonly-used tools to complete an AR 80 lower parts kit.

Drill Press

The Drill Press is designed to make cuts with precision. It is very useful because it has depth settings, making cutting holes accurately much easier.

A drill press vise will ensure no drill walk occurs, reducing the margin of error greatly.

Hand Drill

Hand drilling is the most economical approach to completing an 80 lower parts kit. A fair amount of dexterity is required to use a hand drill. Drill walk and loss of control are more likely to occur when there are no harnesses or grips.

80 Lower Jigs

This is definitely the most recommended tool to have in your possession. The AR 80 lower jig includes guides on how to properly complete your receiver.

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Finish it

Completing an AR can be rewarding and fun. When done properly and with the right tools, there is nothing to worry about. Now that you know the tools you need, check out our awesome 80 lower parts kits at Thunder Tactical!