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Watch gun reviews from the Thunder Tactical community of customers who have purchased a product and created a video review. From .308 rifle reviews to AR pistol reviews and everything in between, we’ve got a great collection of feedback about the different kits and pieces available at Thunder Tactical.

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AR Pistol Kit Reviews

AR-15 Rifle and AR-10 Rifle Kit Reviews

.308 Rifle Kit Reviews

80 Percent Lower Receiver Reviews

Thunder Tactical As A Company

Review Highlights

As you can see from our customer reviews, some of the top 10 benefits of our products are:

  1. The prices are affordable: The goal is to provide discount parts and more for gun enthusiasts who want to perfect their craft without breaking the bank.
  2. The kits include what you need: Whether you’re a beginner or an expert at gun assembly, the AR pistol and rifle kits include the pieces you need to get the project done.
  3. The parts require little break-in: For an affordable price, many customers are thrilled with the quality of the parts during their first uses. Very few users encounter issues during the first rounds going through the chamber, while others have had to break in the gun more cautiously.
  4. The jigs make milling easy: Some kits come with jigs and others require jigs are purchased separately, but all users who drilled with a jig reported it made the project practically error-free.
  5. The customer service reps are helpful: Whether it was a problem with the order or a service question about gun assembly, many customers commented on the quick and friendly customer service reps from Thunder Tactical during their gun reviews.
  6. The pieces are mostly universal: A handful of reviewers mentioned that the pieces they got from a kit at Thunder Tactical fit well with other receivers or accessories they had on hand. There were some accessories (such as the keyholes) that were spaced a bit differently than other models.
  7. The assembly and disassembly is easy: Once the gun is complete, the gun assembles and disassembles easily and in a compact form. It makes it easy to carry.
  8. The AR pistols meet concealed carry requirements in most states: Since the guns compact easily, the pieces can fit in a concealed bag without raising suspicion or being difficult.
  9. The packaging is secure: Thunder Tactical ships via U.S. Postal Service with little indication on the outside of the box that there are gun parts inside. The parts are all bubble wrapped for protection and labeled for easy navigation.
  10. There are frequent discounts: During the gun reviews, customers frequently noted the discounts that Thunder Tactical regularly offers on the site.