Thunder Guns is home to the world‘s greatest 9MM AR Pistol Kit, as well as AR9 uppers and AR9 lowers. From 9mm upper receivers to 9mm lower upper sets and even AR9 complete uppers – we’ve got it all! Our vast array of tactical gun parts meets the various needs of gun owners across America. The AR-9 is a 9mm firearm, which specializes in giving the user a versatile caliber. Our lowers are designed to integrate with Glock magazines, so for users with Glock pistols, this is a perfect match.

The AR-9 is designed to give the user a highly accurate shooting experience. Many people often wonder what to look for in a firearm and you simply cannot go wrong with accuracy. A firearm that aids you in becoming a better shot is a must-have, whether you are looking to use your 9mm for recreational activity, sport or home defense.

A New Level of Precision

A precision shooter is one key feature that we highly recommend to improve your shooting experience. Not to mention good firepower and a nice build, which creates the total tactical experience. The 9mm is such a fundamental gun of choice for so many gun owners, and it’s no wonder why. The AR-9 makes it possible for you to nail that all-important shot right when you need it. In the heat of the moment, you never want to miss your target. And with the 9mm helping, you can reduce those chances greatly.

While the 9mm doesn’t pack as much of a punch as most firearms, it is still preferred for its other capabilities.  It has the capabilities of driving bullets of decent weight to velocities that pretty well ensure at least some expansion, as well as, providing sufficient penetration.

That’s not the only benefit of the 9mm either. The AR-9 is also a firearm that is readily available and has an abundance of ammunition. This doesn’t just mean that this 9mm is a weapon that can be easily acquired, but it is, in fact, one of our most affordable firearms. One thing that can be exceptionally difficult for a gun owner is finding something within their price range. The 9mm comes highly recommended by so many of our customers as a great first firearm.

Finally, the benefit of the 9mm is shown through its ease of shooting. Many firearms provide a great deal of recoil, which means it will take longer for you to line up your shoot once again. The 9mm offers significantly less recoil than many other guns on the market today. This allows you to perform more follow up shots in succession. This one aspect alone is what makes the 9mm preferable as a defensive firearm for many people.

Several Customizable Options

A few slight changes can transform a great firearm into a perfect one, which was the goal of Thunder Guns when it added several 9mm firearm products and accessories to its inventory. Thunder Guns offers a 9mm AR Upper Receiver and Lower Receiver. Thunder Guns also has a 9mm keymod rail and 9MM AR barrel for extensive customization options.

For the gun owner who wants to get a bit more hands-on with their firearm, Thunder Guns also provides a 9mm Jig Kit, one of our many “build a gun kit” options, which uses material made from aircraft grade aluminum. Made in America, this kit comes with a full list of instructions to complete milling and all the hardware needed to secure the jig and top plates.

Everything You Need for Defense

If you’re looking for a gun that you can reliably go to in the heat of the moment, then the 9mm cannot be beaten. It is a firearm that gives you the tools you need to handle various situations quickly and efficiently. While you may have the option to carry a large amount of ammunition, odds are you won’t need it to get the job done.

Check out our list of products below and take a look at what we’ve just acquired on our New Products page to see what else we offer for our 9mm firearms. If you’re curious about our specials, our Sale & Clearance page will keep you up to speed on what we have at a marked down price.