AR10 Complete Upper

AR10 Complete Upper

Meet the AR10 Complete Upper. The AR-10 is a heavy unit with an impressively light recoil. It is what you need if you are looking for size and power. A larger version of the AR 15, the AR-10 is a perfect match for anyone looking for something that is a bit heavier without a significant amount of recoil. This unit performs very well under a multitude of circumstances to create quite an efficient shooting experience.

We proudly offer firearm accessories such as AR 10 parts. We also have uppers like the 308 complete upper and AR10 Upper, and lowers such as the AR 10 Lower. As an older and larger version of the AR 15, the AR10 is chambered with the full power .308 caliber round. The AR-10 is definitely a powerhouse. This is why many people choose it for various tasks, such as hunting medium or heavy game. The AR-10 is also a preferred gun when it comes to long-range shooting.

Unlike the AR 15, the AR-10 is not a standardized platform. Many of the parts between AR 15 guns are interchangeable, but the same cannot be said about AR-10s. AR-10 parts and rifles are made in different ways by different companies and they all have their own versions of the AR-10 design.

The AR-10 has evolved significantly since its early days and it serves as the most modern .308 upper and rifle on the market today. For anyone looking for a great firearm with tons of power behind it, there are few options available as great as the AR-10.


The History of the AR-10

 AR10 Complete Upper

It’s easy to be a gun enthusiast and overlook the AR-10. In fact, the history of the AR-10 is one where this powerful rifle has been overlooked for quite a while. In fact, the AR 10 .308 caliber weapon nearly beat the M-14 in replacing the M1 Garand.

Historically, the AR-10 was passed by for its sleeker younger ‘brother’ the AR 15. Today, the AR 15 serves as the common choice of gun for many people, which includes gun owners, law enforcement and military personnel as well.

The AR-10 has been somewhat hidden since its inception, but today the weapon has made a strong comeback.


The Power of the AR-10


It can’t be stated enough that a little bit of extra firepower goes a long way and that is exemplified in AR-10 parts and firearms. If you can handle the increased weight, then you could fair better in a potential combat situation.

Not only do you get the power, but recoil is not nearly as painful as some of the other firearms on the market. While it does have a little kick to it, you won’t have to worry about significant pushback from the firearm.

Despite the popularity of the AR 15, the AR-10 has found its place in the homes of many gun owners who feel it is a necessary part of their arsenal. Thunder Guns LLC has also made sure to provide the best in AR-10 weaponry as well as kits for gun enthusiasts to purchase and build their own powerful AR-10 weapons.


AR-10 Kits


Instead of buying an AR-10, you can build one yourself with a kit. There are several benefits to using an AR-10 kit.

For example, one such benefit is the affordability of the gun. AR-10 rifles can be expensive, which makes it hard for some gun owners to pick one up. In fact, getting compatible parts could lead you to easily spend more than on a complete rifle. AR-10 rifles aren’t standardized either, which means that the chances of getting incompatible parts are even higher than with other types of rifles.

Thunder Guns provides AR-10 kits to ensure that you always have the parts you need to complete your rifle.

Not only do you get the rifle you want, but you also get the satisfaction of building it yourself. It’s not just a matter of having a rifle, but also having an AR-10 firearm that you know in and out. The simple instructions that come with these kits make it so that anyone can follow them.

Finally, the personal satisfaction that comes with building your own firearm cannot be matched. You will know the proper way to maintain your firearm and if anything is wrong you have a better chance of figuring out how to fix it or replace a part.


Thunder Guns Provides the Best in AR-10 Firearms

 AR10 Complete Upper

Thunder Guns has worked tirelessly to create a full inventory of AR-10 rifles and kits. We have the 308 AR Parts Kit you need to customize your firearm to meet your own personal specifications.

In terms of products, Thunder Guns provides accessories of all types, such as crush washers, keymod rails, barrels, lower receiver, upper receivers and more.


Check Out the Latest in AR-10 Firearms


Thunder Guns has recently outfitted itself with a long list of AR-10 firearms. Even if these firearms aren’t for you, you can still find something you need in terms of an accessory or hunting and camping gear.

You can check out the Thunder Guns New Products page to see just what we have in store for you. Constant updates mean you will always get the latest in AR-10 firearms, customizable parts and more.

Don’t just check out our new products either, if you’re trying to find a high-quality firearm at an affordable rate, you can check out our Sales & Clearance page where we list all of the products that are currently available at a reduced rate.

If there is one thing at Thunder Guns we can offer, it is the opportunity to find something you need at a competitive price. Shop at Thunder Guns now, for all of your tactical needs.

AR10 Complete Upper

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