.308 Stripped Upper Receiver, Forward Assist , Dust Cover Black Anodized

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  • Assembled upper is ready for barrel installation and then attachment to a .308 Lower Receiver.
  • Includes ejection port cover, forward assist.
  • Does not include bolt carrier assembly.
  • Aluminum extrusion that has been T6 heat treated, Black Anodized
  • DPMS style

This is a not an FFL item. 

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5 reviews for .308 Stripped Upper Receiver, Forward Assist , Dust Cover Black Anodized

  1. PaladinServices (verified owner)

    As usual a very nice product. I do have a couple issues though. The forward assist is way too far forward, it does not push on the serrations of the Bolt Carrier. And I tried it with several different brands. They need to either move it back about 1 3/4 to 2 inches for it to function as it should.
    The second issue is for me a truly big issue and I have asked them about it in several messages and they refuse to respond. And I say they refuse to respond because before I ever asked about this issue they would always respond withing a day or two. I am very upset about the cost of shipping.

  2. PaladinServices (verified owner)

    They charge $19.95 to start with any item they ship to you using Priority mail. I did some checking and they paid $7.35 to ship the Upper to me. That is a difference of $12.60 . Now you take that times the half dozen times I’ve ordered from them and it adds up to $75.60 in over-charges. I’m sorry but to me that is just plain stealing from your customers. What gives them the right to charge me $12.60 more than the actual cost of shipping? It upsets me to the point that I’ve started working on a blog site for others to join in and tell us how they feel about being ripped off like this. I’m sorry TG, you guys have nice stuff but that doesn’t give you the right to steal from us. Honestly I’ll be surprised if they even publish this review, most companies that steal from you don’t like being held accountable. I guess we’ll see if they even respond or not. I’d be very surprised if they do.

  3. Steve M. Potvin (verified owner)

    Me again. I’ve since purchased a couple more of these and the shipping charges,were more than reasonable that makes me happy for sure. It’s really nice to know that these people take thier customers reviews to heart and do what they can when they can to help. Once again the uppers were second to none in quality and finish. One of the things that really impresses me is the fit between these uppers and the 80% lowers with the split trigger guard. Those are the only 308 lowers I’ve purchased fro TG and I could never in all goid conscious say anything negative about either these uppers or the split trigger guard lowers. Hoping they get those lowers back in stock again soon. I have purchased both ar15 and ar10 uppers and lowers and have never had a quality issue and never a fitment issue. Thank you TG. Great products at great prices.

  4. PaladinServices (verified owner)

    Received yet another one of these today and as usual it is great. I love the way these fit with the 80% Lowers that have the split Trigger Guard. There is no rattle and no gap between them either. They are very nice, Clean, great fit, solid design and solid. The one thing I don’t care for is the Forward Assist. I have yet to understand why they even have it. The position is way too far forward and so it never contacts the teeth on the Bolt Carrier. The teeth on the Bolt Carrier are way behind the Forward Assist and also the little Ram that is supposed to engage the Teeth never quite completely retracts so it rubs on the side of the Bolt Carrier. What I do is remove the Ram and it’s Spring and Plunger and Roll Pin then put the Forward Assist Housing back into the Upper.

  5. PaladinServices (verified owner)

    This is the rest of my review that would not fit in the last one.

    That way it fills the hole and doesn’t interfere with the Bolt Carrier. I think it would be the best thing they could do is make this Upper a Slab Side. Not Forward Assist at all. They are useless anyway so why not get rid of them. Anyway, off track. I really do like the quality and fit and finish of this Upper. Will be buying more. Shipping was fair as well. Thank you TG.

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