AR-15 Pistol Kit Assembly 10.5"Phosphate Barrel, 10" Quad Rail, (NO LOWER)


Product Description

Start building your own personal AR-15 today. This is a complete AR-15 upper receiver (Assembly optional) 

This is a complete AR-15 upper receiver without a 80% AR-15 lower receiver. (Assembly optional)

All of our completely assembled uppers are test fired for cycling.

The parts included are below:

AR-15 Upper Receiver 

  • 10.5" Phosphate  Wylde (.223 & 5.56)
  • 10" Quad Rail Hand Guard
  • Pistol Barrel Length Gas Tube, and low pro gas block
  • Forward Assist
  • Ejection Port Cover
  • Charging Handle
  • M-16 Bolt Carrier Group
  • Flash Hider with Crush Washer

Lower Parts

  • Pistol Buffer Tube with cushioned grip
  • Lower Parts Kit

    Anodize Color Options

    This kit come with Upper Receiver in the following colors

    • Black Anodized 
    • Purple Anodized........... extra
    • Red Anodized.............. extra
    • Blue Anodized.............. extra
    • Green Anodized........... extra
    • Bronze Anodized......... extra

    Upper Receiver Assembly

    This kit come with upper receiver assembly options. If you choose to do the assembly yourself, there is no cost. We will ship every parts to complete your upper. We can do the assembly for you for $10 extra

    *This is a not an FFL item. This is not a complete receiver and still requires machining to be done.