AR-15 Rifle Kit (Green), 16” Stainless Barrel 15” Quad Rail, No 80 Percent Lower

$ 544.50

Product Description

A Green AR-15 Rifle Kit For The DIY Gunsmith

  • A green .223/5.56 upper receiver is included in this AR-15 rifle kit for sale.
  • Fans of longer handguards will enjoy the 15” quad rail included in this rifle kit.
  • At Thunder Tactical, all rifle parts are machined to mil spec tolerances.
  • In addition, all assembled upper receivers are test fired for proper cycling.

If you’re shopping online for AR-15 rifle kits, look no further. Here at Thunder Tactical, we offer a wide variety of kits with different colors and included parts. This rifle kit for sale includes an upper receiver with the following assembled AR-15 parts:

  • 16" barrel stainless steel Wylde
  • 15" quad rail
  • Low pro gas block
  • Forward assist
  • Ejection port cover
  • Charging handle
  • M-16 bolt carrier group
  • A2 flash hider with crush washer

This kit also includes the lower receiver parts and six position stock with buffer, buffer tube, and spring you’ll need to complete your build project. Not a fan of green? Keep shopping our gun parts online.

  • Available unassembled or assembled
  • Green upper receiver
  • Stainless steel barrel