AR-15 Rifle Kit (Pink), 16” Stainless Barrel 15” Quad Rail, With 80 Percent Lower

$ 563.50

Product Description

A Pink AR-15 Rifle Kit For The DIY Gunsmith

  • Building an AR for the woman in your life? Check out this pink AR-15 rifle kit for sale.
  • This kit includes a pink upper receiver and lower receiver and a long handguard.
  • At Thunder Tactical, we machine all of our rifle parts to mil spec tolerances.
  • We test fire all fully assembled uppers to ensure proper cycling.

Whether you’re building a rifle for your lady or personally love the color pink, this AR-15 rifle kit for sale may be perfect for your build project. This kit includes a .223/5.56 upper assembled with the following rifle parts:

  • 16" barrel stainless steel Wylde
  • 15" quad rail
  • Low pro gas block
  • Forward assist
  • Ejection port cover
  • Charging handle
  • M-16 bolt carrier group
  • A2 flash hider with crush washer

Also included in this AR kit for sale is an 80 percent lower, a lower parts kit, and a six position stock with buffer, buffer tube, and spring. Keep shopping our wide selection of gun parts online to find even more rifle parts for your AR-15 build.

  • Available unassembled or assembled
  • Pink upper and lower receiver
  • Stainless steel barrel