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Frequently, Thunder Tactical creates different video campaigns to connect with our community and provide first-person resources to each other. Learning from each other is one of the strongest bonds within the Thunder Tactical community.


To help spur this type of community engagement, we offer discounts to customers who have created videos for Thunder Tactical.

Every few months, we launch a new campaign to help us find new ways to connect with you. We’ve done product reviews for some time now, and we’ve collected a great range of video gun reviews for you to view before purchasing.

We’ve just launched a “How To” video series for assembling uppers, lowers, and full kits and also how to mill out a lower. 

Product Reviews

For the past few months, we’ve been collecting product review videos. Not only are we stoked about the awesome words people found to say about Thunder Tactical, but it’s really cool to see how people have incorporated our parts and kits with their own flare to create totally unique pieces. It’s what makes this hobby a lifestyle.

Watch Product Review Videos

How To

We are unnaturally excited about this “How To” video series because it’ll give an opportunity for the experts to really show their stuff as they record how to build your own gun or use a different tool from Thunder Tactical. It also gives beginners a chance to record their experience and share it with others who may be venturing into gun assembly themselves. 

Learn more about submitting a How To Video.


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