Firearm Safety: The Big Four & A Bit More

Welcome to Thunder Tactical, your top choice for shopping rifle parts online. In our last blog post, we touched briefly on the disastrous and dangerous consequences that can result from loading the wrong ammunition into a firearm, such as loading a .300blk round into an upper chambered for .223. It has since occurred to us that we have yet to write a blog post dedicated exclusively to firearm safety. So… *drum roll*…  here it is! New and experienced shooters alike can benefit from looking this blog post over. There’s no such thing as being too safe when it comes to firearms, so remember the following safety information next time you head out to the range.

While the rules of firearm safety explained above are the big four, there are many other things you need to remember to stay safe while handling firearms. You may not experience an accidental discharge out of that .45 caliber revolver if you’re following all the safety rules above, but firing that thing without earpro will leave you and anyone else nearby with a nasty headache. Be sure to take all of the following firearm safety tips into account as well as the main four.

Other Important Firearm Safety Tips

Know Your Firearm

John is going to take his girlfriend shooting for the first time for her birthday, but before heading to the range, John sits down with her and explains how the guns she’ll be firing work. He explains the basic components, how they operate, where the safeties are, and the kind of ammunition they take. Good on you, John. It’s important to get to know your firearm before shooting it.

Use the Correct Ammo

In our previous post, we touched on the horrifying idea of loading .300blk ammo into a rifle chambered for .223/5.56 rounds, but this isn’t the only example of how using the wrong ammo can go terribly wrong. You should always make sure you’re using the correct ammo for the firearm you’re using, which can be easier said than done. Do your research, and seek help from a firearms professional if you need it.

Wear Ear and Eye Protection

When you’re shooting a firearm, you should always be wearing the proper protection. Ear protection is a shooting requirement because, surprise, guns are loud. If you’ve only ever heard a gunshot on a television, then you probably don’t realize just how loud they are. Check out this story by deaf shooter Dan Zimmerman to grasp the true importance of ear protection. Eye protection, too, is of vital importance while shooting to protect your eyes from powder and other debris, ricochets, etc. Besides, a good pair of shooting glasses may actually help you see better.

Shoot Sober

You wouldn’t get behind the wheel of a car after drinking or using drugs (prescription, legal, or illicit), would you? Of course not. You know better. Know better than to handle a firearm if you’re under the influence of something, too, and you’ll avoid what may end up being a tragic situation.

Thanks for visiting our blog! Be sure to keep this blog post handy to review the basics of gun safety when you need a refresher. Safe shooting!

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