If you’re new to gun building, you will likely come across many words and phrases that you don’t understand the meaning of. For example, someone with no gunsmithing experience probably thinks of a “jig” as a cute little dance and “blackout” as something that happens after a fun night out bar crawling, but these terms have completely different meanings within the firearms industry. Another term you may be unfamiliar with is “80 percent lower receiver,” one of the most important parts to your gun build.

What is a lower receiver?

When you’re looking at a firearm, there are two main parts to the frame, one on the top and one on the bottom, together called the receiver assembly. The bottom piece of the frame is called the lower receiver. It is one of the most important parts of the firearm because it holds the other, small and puzzle-like pieces that make the gun operable, such as the trigger and the hammer, etc.

What makes a lower receiver an 80 percent lower?

A lower receiver is an 80 percent lower receiver when it is sold incomplete, or only 80 percent manufactured, so the purchaser must complete the manufacturing of the lower receiver using particular tools and skills. Because the piece is unfinished, it is not legally considered a firearm. A 100 percent completed lower, on the other hand, is legally regulated as a firearm even without the addition of any other part.

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