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80 percent lower

Why Should You Buy an 80 Lower AR-15?

The 80 Lower AR-15. It’s a prized concept in the Firearms community. It’s the most infamous thing that liberals try to use to get everyone on their bandwagon of disarming the population. We see through that though. And here is why you should by an 80 Lower AR-15 Also Read: What is an AR-15? Why are AR-15s Popular? Well, let’s…

80 percent lower

Why Should You Build an 80 Lower AR-15?

There is a sense of accomplishment like no other when you have completed your latest build. And while there might be an intense satisfaction from buying the next new AR-15 from the household brand name. But when its your hands getting dirty, when it is your mind put to work, to build something that is just for you, that is…