The Top Accessories You Need For Your AR-15

The AR-15 Allows for Impressive Customization

While complete AR-15 kits are a great way to trick out your newly purchased rifle, we here at Thunder Arms understand that some of our customers like to take a more mix and match approach. Sometimes, half of the fun of tricking out your rifle is finding the perfect AR part for each application. To help out our customers that like to shop around for the perfect AR part, in today’s post we are going to list out the top accessories that you need to have to make you AR-15 as loaded as possible.

Make Your AR-15 Great Again

Few rifles are more popular and more sought after than the AR-15 and this is due largely to the fact it is highly modular and versatile. Think of it this way, an AR-15 is like a Lego set for the rifle enthusiast. With literally thousands of different parts, pieces, and variations, the AR-15, if treated as an ever evolving project, can keep a serious gun enthusiast busy for years. To help those who may be new to the world of building their own AR-15 kit, we have listed below some of the main components that you should be aware of.

  • Vertical Grip: One of the first things that AR-15 owners start to look into as far as modifications go is a vertical grip. Not only do vertical grips look amazing, they provide increased stability when firing the rifle. As anyone who has played Call of Duty knows, increased stability on an AR-15 greatly increases the rifle’s accuracy. Additionally, a vertical grip allows a person to hold their AR-15 at a much more natural angle, decreasing wrist fatigue when firing.
  • A Suppressor: Alright, so this accessory might be a little contentious in some circles, but hear us out. Too often, the only thing you hear about suppressors are the negatives. In this instance, however, we feel that a suppressor is totally justifiable. Not only does it protect the person firing the gun against ear damage, it helps to reduce the amount of recoil produced by the rifle. While the AR-15 is not known for its vicious recoil, reducing any amount of recoil helps to improve accuracy when firing multiple, rapid shots.
  • A Sling: Have you ever wondered why, in most action movies, any sort of special forces person with an AR-15 or other rifle have a sling? Anyone who has held an AR-15 for a while will quickly understand the reasoning. While these rifles are not particularly heavy, it is nice to be able to have some added support when holding the rifle while it is not in use. Slings can be adjusted to allow the user to “loose carry” the AR-15 or, if the user wants support while firing the rifle, into a tighter position that holds the rifle closer to the user’s body.
  • A Sighting System: Another one of those accessories that seems like a “must-have” item is a sighting system. Of all of the Ar-15 parts listed in this post, sights are probably the ones a person could spend the most time on. There are literally hundreds of different sighting systems available for the AR-15 rifle and it is up to each individual to decide which sighting system is right for them. Whether you want a scoped sight, iron sights, or a night vision sighting system, there are options that will fit your needs.
  • Folding Stock Adapter: Like the AK-47 before it, one of the most popular modifications for the AR-15 rifle is to install a folding stock. A folding stock quickly allows the user to decrease the length of the AR-15 and wield it more like a sub-machine gun. While the firing applications for a foldable stock are debatable, having a folding stock does make it much more convenient to haul and transport an AR-15.

  • We hope that this short list has given you a better idea of just how many AR-15 parts there are to add to your rifle. If you are interested in checking out some of these parts, or just interested in AR-15 kits in general, please visit the Thunder Tactical website today. We have a vast selection of AR-15 accessories, parts, and kits that are sure to meet any need you could have.

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    • Jorge Herrera
      Posted March 10, 2019 11:01 am

      Hello, I bought a 80% ar 15 and a jig to complete the lower, this is my first time do it, but I don’t have any instructions how to use it, can you pls help me.
      Thank you.

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