Hello AR-15 builders, buyers, and DIYers! While we have seen better days in terms of being able to utilize and express our second amendment rights, it seems, unfortunately, that we are in the middle of a losing battle. If you live in the State of Florida, you will have probably noticed the “red flag laws”  or the Risk Protection Act that was placed in 2018 after the Parkland school shooting. Well it seems like a similar gun control bill is being proposed in Congress as we speak. 

As we know, the Risk Protection Act permits the temporary seizure of firearms with a court order. A judge will then decide if the person is in a state that is deemed worthy of being able to have their second amendment rights. In a dispute against the act, attorney Kendra Parris, stated “I think we’re doing this because it makes us feel safer,” 

“What’s wrong with that,” asked reporter Katie LaGrone. “It violates the constitution,” Parris said.

We have seen with the recent shootings in California alone that even the most gun control in a state cannot and will not stop criminals from committing these savage acts. And just yesterday we saw what can really happen when a law-abiding citizen stands up against someone with intent to kill. 

However, recent shootings, and other forms of violent crimes that have taken place over the span of  around 3 weeks has sparked uproar in the liberal media, resulting in attacks against citizens who did nothing wrong. 

The second amendment is facing it’s hardest year ever in 2019, especially as the presidential candidates for the year 2020 are shown to be all anti-2nd Amendment. Even President Trump has been quoted, stating “Take the guns first. Go through due process second,” in a public debate where he entertained the idea of  more restrictive gun control laws. 

Not even to mention guns or the second amendment, but the right to due process of law is an idea that people have fought and died for for thousands of years. And here we are in a setting we have more than the 2nd amendment, but  the 5th amendment, which contains the due process clause that allows us a fair trial. Politically, the atmosphere around gun control is very dense with fear, and those seeking to control do not realize they only control those who believe in a thing called rule by law.  

We are fighting an uphill battle ladies and gentlemen, and the time to come together as a community is now. If you are looking for a way to arm yourself, visit Thunder Tactical today. Also as a valuable resource you can join the gun control discussions on AR15 forum to stay up-to-date with the latest news and community discussions.