With varying laws in every region of the country, there are many gun owners and enthusiasts asking, “Which states have the strictest gun laws?” Well, the strictest gun laws in the country come from three states:

3.New Jersey

We consider these the strictest weapon laws because they’ve adopted many regulations that restrict access to certain calibers, lengthen the waiting periods, extend background checks to include all levels of government, and prevent unlicensed dealers–private sellers–from conducting transactions.

While the exceptions in these states mirror those everywhere else—submit to background checks, get a concealed carry permit, take a test—we’ve compiled a short list to show you exactly what these states require of gun purchasers that qualify them as the “strictest”.

1. California:

  • You cannot own a majority of assault weapons or purchase/sell high capacity magazines or weapons chambered for .50 caliber
  • You can’t buy your gun in a private sale online or face-to-face, without first going through a licensed dealer and submitting to a background check
  • The number of handguns you can buy per month is limited

2. Connecticut:

  • To buy and own any handgun, long gun, or certain ammo types, you must apply for and receive an eligibility certificate
  • Submit to background checks at both the state and federal levels
  • New purchasers must wait a two week period prior to receiving the gun you just bought

3. New Jersey:

  • Own or transfer assault weapons or large capacity ammunition magazines
  • Buy or own a gun if you’ve been convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence or are subject to a protective order
  • Once certain technologies become available, gun owners must personalize their weapons so only they can fire them

**we just wanted to add a side note, that in New Jersey you must also apply for different permits depending on what type of gun you want to purchase

These laws pretty much apply wherever you go within the state borders, and extend to both gun owners and concealed carry permit holders. In fact, some states have an entire sub-section of laws dedicated to rolling out lawful carry regulations. One of the biggest concerns we hear–what are the laws for carrying a gun in your car–isn’t easy to answer with a one-size-fits-all solution.

Essentially, there are two extremes of the same equation. Washington D.C., for example, has extremely tight carry laws, and only allow citizens to transport a weapon in their vehicle if its unloaded, completely disassembled, and inaccessible from the passenger compartment. On the flip side, Wyoming laws allow both open and concealed carry for all loaded guns in your vehicle. Now, a vast majority of states fall somewhere between them, but their laws vary when it comes to open vs. concealed, loaded vs. unloaded, and storage requirements.

So, how many gun laws are there in America? It’s nearly impossible to answer accurately, and there are many factors to consider. You have to think about the different levels of government—state, federal, local,—and whether or not crime laws that mention weapons are part of this equation. What is a gun law? Legislation that directly targets the actual gun, or just regulates the gun’s use and sales? Since these questions aren’t going to be answered anytime soon, most conservative estimates could be anywhere between 270-300, though, including federal laws, ATF, and other organizations, that number could easily bump up to over a thousand.

Just Be Safe and Informed!

At Thunder Guns, we know gun laws can be daunting. Buying and owning a gun is part of our constitutional rights, but worrying about complying with all these local and state laws gets confusing. It’s important to stay on top of your local legislation. Know that our products are perfectly safe and legal for purchase and shipping anywhere in the country! With all kinds of gun parts, you can build your very own customized AR today. Head over to our products page and check them out!    


  • Craig R
    Posted November 20, 2018 11:47 am

    Please fact check your sources. I’m sure that you just reprinted this from somewhere else.

    Connecticut can be tough with our gun regulations, but the article states that CT has a 2 week waiting period to receive purchased guns. This is false, there is no waiting period. As long as you have your permit, and pass your state background check, you pay and take home your firearm.

  • Ben Pierce
    Posted February 15, 2020 9:21 pm

    Can you ship T-19 kitsch to Puerto Rico.

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