One of the things that many gun enthusiasts are surprised to discover is that the 80 lowers for sale online aren’t subject to the same rules and regulations that a finished gun part is. Why is that? What’s the point? And what does this mean for the average gun enthusiast? We have all the answers you need when it comes to the 80 lowers for sale at Thunder Guns.

What Are 80 Lowers? 

We’ve covered this topic on our blog before, but it’s worth answering the question again. An 80 lower is the lower receiver part of the gun (containing important pieces such as the trigger and hammer) but is only about 80% complete. The purchaser would need to complete the tooling on the piece to finish it and use it in the assembly of a gun or rifle.

Why Would I Buy One?

There are a number of reasons to purchase an 80 lower for sale on our website. A lot of gun owners enjoy the task of finishing the tooling themselves. This gives them an opportunity to create a customized firearm that they know inside and out, giving them a better knowledge of their piece and how to fix it. It’s not illegal to purchase these pieces, and you are within your rights to make a firearm from an 80 lower receiver for personal use. If you use them to manufacture a firearm for sale, though, you’ll need to obtain a license.

Why Aren’t They Regulated by Firearms Laws?

These pieces are sold incomplete because they cannot legally be considered a firearm at this stage of manufacturing. A complete lower is considered to be a firearm, so it falls under the rules and regulations of Federal firearms laws. 

A warning, though: not all lower being sold online at 80% or unfinished actually qualify as unfinished pieces. They may have tooling that causes them to cross the line between not being a firearm and being legally considered a firearm. Purchasing one of these pieces without following Federal regulations can result in big penalties and fines. Be sure that you purchase your 80 lowers from trusted sources such as Thunder Guns so you can purchase with confidence. 

What Tools Do I Need To Finish The 80 Perfect Lower?

Most people use a drill press to finish the machining of their lower receiver. You can find instructions on how to complete the piece to make it work for your firearm. We recommend using a jig kit, too, in order to ensure the machining process is done correctly and you have a lower receiver that’s ready to work with your firearm. You can find instructions online as well as helpful videos that can guide you through the machining process. We also recommend engraving your firearm with information such as make, model, and a serial number just in case it is lost or stolen.

Thunder Guns Has 80 Lowers For Sale Online

Are you looking for 80 lowers for sale? Thunder Guns has a great selection of them in our online store. You’ll find lower receivers for AR-15s, .308s and more. We also have the jig kits you’ll need to complete the machining of your lower receivers. Don’t forget that you can get 30% off of your order as well as free shipping when you post a positive video review of one of our products on YouTube! Just send us a link to your video and we’ll email you the secret coupon code. This is a great way to save on your 80 perfect lowers! Start filming and send us your video review today.

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