There is a sense of accomplishment like no other when you have completed your latest build. And while there might be an intense satisfaction from buying the next new AR-15 from the household brand name. But when its your hands getting dirty, when it is your mind put to work, to build something that is just for you, that is where the accomplishment comes from. That is why you should build an 80 lower AR-15.

Why Should You Build an 80 Lower AR-15?

80 lowers are great ways to get knowledge of your firearm. The modular design in itself forces you to learn in a more dynamic way because every aspect of it can then be molded to your personal preference. And that is really what you are looking for when it comes to handling a firearm. How it feels to you dictates how well you are able to handle it. 

Building your AR-15 from an 80 percent lower is especially helpful if you plan to build multiple AR-15s. While it is still cheaper to build AR-15s with 80 lower receiver, you might be buying a mill or cnc machine to complete them with relative ease. That is a cost that can add up in the beginning. It is best to build with the idea that you will build more. Maybe one trial yielded some errors, which you will be able to correct in the next build. 

When it comes to cost efficiency, building is definitely the way to go. Unless paying for the next $2,000 AR is your style of course, for a lower price point, you can build your own AR with the same specs, pinpoint accuracy and expert handling. 

The 80 Lower AR-15 is really another way to give you options. It is the idea that you can take something basic, and make it to fit your needs on your own. Because in a land of individual responsibility, the opportunity to do something great is up to you.  Shop Thunder Tactical today!