The AR-15 is the most popular rifle in America, and for good reason. It’s modular frame makes it customizable for any situation, and for any preference. It has accessories for days that are meant to optimize user performance and handling. But for some inexperienced buyers and builders, the process of knowing the rifle and feeling comfortable with its parts can be quite a daunting experience. This is why Thunder Tactical has perfected the formula for selling immensely organized and easy-to-build AR-15 kits.

What is an AR-15 kit?

AR-15 kits are disassembled rifles that come with all the standard parts of an AR-15. A good AR-15 kit will come with the following:

  • AR-15 Lower Parts Kit
    • Unmachined Lower Receiver  and parts to complete FCG
  • AR-15 Upper Parts Kit
    • Complete BCG
  • Stock Kit Assembly
  • Free float Handguard
  • Adjustable gas block
    • Adjustable gas blocks  are better for long-term use of a rifle, due to less strain on parts, decreased recoil, and reduced carbon build-up.
  • Forward Assist

Why is building better than buying?

Sure, buying a complete AR-15 may relieve the work of building it, but it also relieves the opportunity to learn from your build. There is a lot more to owning an AR-15 than just shooting it, especially if you want to master your rifle without needing the help of a local gunsmith, buying is not the best option.

Buying a complete:

  • Can be a costly short-term and long-term investment
  • Usually only come with standard parts
  • Are not personalized
  • Will restrict the type of parts you can put on. If the complete isn’t milspec, it cannot take parts that are.
  • While it does allow quicker acquisition, a lot of learning about the rifle goes out the window.
  • Stock parts are usually not personalized or comfortable with the owner.
  • If there is a warranty on it, it may become void

Buying a complete AR-15 solves the immediate problem of not having a rifle to take the range. Although building an AR-15 may take a little longer, that time has value more than reading a manual on the different parts of the rifle.

Building an AR-15 kit:

  • Valuable knowledge gained and confidence from successful completion
  • Parts can be more personalized
  • Is essentially a complete that needs to be assembled
  • Mil-spec parts will fit
  • The investment will last longer, and will be easier to modify
  • Building time doesn’t take too long. Within an hour hour or two, you should be breaking it in at the range.

Why are AR 15 kits better than building from scratch?

When building an AR-15, organization is key. With an AR-15 kit, that is one check you can mark off on your list of things you need to build your very own AR. Building from scratch can be kind of risky for beginning builders for a few reasons:

  • Individual parts may not work with others
  • Kits have parts that work together
  • Building from a kit saves a lot more time
  • Shipping costs will be less because there is a less to ship

There are some very good reasons to buy parts individually, but in terms of a suitable build environment for beginners, an AR-15 kit poses the most opportunity. Get your very own AR-15 kit from Thunder Tactical today!