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Cerakote AR-15 Upper and 80% Lower Receiver Set

Tungsten Cerakote AR-15 Upper and 80% Lower Receiver Set


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Tungsten Cerakote -Coated AR-15 Receiver Set

  • This set includes an 80 % lower receiver with a Tungsten-colored  cerakote coating.
  • This AR-15 rifle kit for sale also includes a Tungsten-colored cerakote-coated upper receiver.
  • The lower receiver in this set has an fully broached magwell for the perfect fit.
  • Additional machining is required.

This AR-15 upper and 80% lower receiver set is a great choice to start your DIY AR-15 build. Both parts in this AR-15 rifle kit for sale have been bead blasted and finished with a tough Cerakote coating. This finish will provide your receivers with optimal protection against abrasion, corrosion, etc. The lower in this AR-15 part set will require additional machining, so be sure to keep shopping to find an AR-15 jig kit and the other rifle parts you’ll need to complete your build project.  

  • Additional machining required
  • Machined to mil-spec tolerances
  • Forged from 7075-T6 aluminum

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