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80% Lower Jig | What To Know Before Completion

Posted by Arthur Adler on May 12th 2023

There are many parts and tools needed to complete an 80% lower. Although there can be some variation in the type of tools you need, there is one that is of utmost importance to have the best result every time: the 80% lower jig. But what is this tool, and how can it help you get the best results?

Think of the 80% lower jig as a template tool. Its main purpose is to guide the builder, giving proper measurements of drill bit holes, and where exactly the milling needs to be done.

They come in many different varieties. Try to stick with multi-use jigs, as they provide longer usability. If a piece has outlived its usefulness, then you can order another of that same plate singularly. There are sticker variations which are meant to stick on to your incomplete receiver.

Jig variations that hook on and give more clear also have features that prevent builders from milling too deep, reducing the risk of permanent damage to the receiver itself. When it comes to milling out the mass of metal on the inside of the receiver, jigs are the best at decreasing the risk of damage.

The 80% lower jig is the most vital part of an AR build. And the best 80% lower jig kits come from Thunder Tactical! Our jigs come in 7075 T-6 airplane aluminum and are guaranteed long lasting results.

Each Jig comes with its own set of instructions to follow as well so our customers have an extra edge in creating their dream AR 80 lower. Akso, don’t forget about our jig fixtures which will hold the jig to the receiver giving a 3D outline of where you need to mill

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