The Ar 15 has gone through quite a bit of controversy in the last few years unfortunately. This is especially when it comes to 80 lowers, as many will try to demonize these parts, and the legal methods gone through to obtain them. Here at Thunder Tactical, we do not promote violence, rather, we seek to help empower lawful citizens with their second amendment rights. This article will cover  some of the major 80 lower AR 15 misconceptions.

Legal Loophole

The first AR 15 misconceptions as that 80 lowers are a loophole in the law. This , in fact is completely untrue. The ATF has come out openly to say clarify the nature of the law that regulates the manufacture of 80 lowers. Here is a run down of what has been stated many times.

The sale of the part of the rifle that contains the fire control group is strictly prohibited without an FFL. However, when it comes to 80 lowers, which are essentially aluminum blocks, an FFL is not required because it is not sold with an FFL.

The ownership of 80 lowers is actually protected by the law.

Serial Numbers

Let’s get this straight. Serial numbers only became legal as a part of the GCA of 1968. Before that, they were not mandatory on any rifles. They were used by manufacturers as a method of organizing interchangeable parts. The GCA requires any firearm that is built and then sold to be registered with a serial number. In this way, firearms can be traced.

However, 80 lowers do not require them, because they are not sold as firearms. The owner may choose to put a serial number on the rifle for his or her own purpose. The idea that 80 lowers are more dangerous because they cannot be traced is simply incorrect.

The Term AR

AR stands for ArmaLite, the company that made the original AR 15 back in the 50s. This name has taken a few turns  according to the liberal left, as they use such terms like Assault Rifle to denote the AR 15. This is just a tactic for propaganda.

The AR is used really to pay homage to the company that first created. When colts license to the AR 15 expired, it became open source to other manufacturers around who created different variations of the AR frame.

NOTE: An assault rifle refers to any rifle that is used by the military.

This has been the major 80 lower AR 15 misconceptions that still run around the internet. We at Thunder Tactical urge our customers, and our readers to be informed about the true nature of the second amendment. It is a right to self defense. Let us help you make that possible with our highest quality AR 15 80 lower receivers, parts and kits!