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AR 15 Parts | Common Misconceptions

Posted by Arthur Adler on May 12th 2023

There are a lot of misconceptions about 80 lower AR-15 Parts. And if you have done any research, or planned on building one for yourself, chances are you have heard them yourself. While this may not answer all the questions you have, it will denote the main misconceptions that come up in the 80 Lower world.


The main misconception revolving around 80 lowers is that they are illegal, or a loophole in the law. This is simply not true as the laws are clearly stated within the ATF as well as the Gun Control Act of 1968. As long as the fire control group is not complete on a rifle, it cannot be considered functional.

It is however illegal to sell an 80 lower built rifle, or build with intent to sell. They will need to be registered, though this is not always a 100% guarantee. What is certain is that build an 80 lower rifle is completely legal.


A lot of builders and DIYers are hesitant to begin their first build. This is due to the perceived difficulty of building the rifle. Little do they know, there are many guides out there, along with a community of people willing to help troubleshoot problems, and answer questions. AR15 Parts are relatively easy, especially when you have Thunder Tactical, who is dedicated to giving helpful tips and high quality parts to consumers of all skill levels.


Som may argue that store bought AR-15s are more durable than 80 lower built AR-15s. This is simply untrue. When building your own AR, the quality control is up to you the consumer. Researching the best types of materials is where most of the effort must be used.

In most cases, store bought ARs use the same materials as 80 lower built rifles. Otherwise the materials are all up to the builders desires.

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