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Why Should You Buy An 80 Lower AR-15?

Posted by Arthur Adler on May 12th 2023

The 80 Lower AR-15. It’s a prized concept in the Firearms community. It’s the most infamous thing that liberals try to use to get everyone on their bandwagon of disarming the population. We see through that though. And here is why you should by an 80 Lower AR-15Also Read: What is an AR-15?Why Are AR …

Why You Should Get Into AR-15 Hunting

Posted by Arthur Adler on May 12th 2023

Becoming an evermore common rifle among the hunting community, the AR-15 platform has paved the way for a new and easier way of hunting. While the caliber of your round is often decided by the kind of firearm you choose, the AR-15’s modular platform cann allow you to pursue whatever kind of hunting …