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Why Should You Buy An 80 Lower AR-15?

Posted by Arthur Adler on May 12th 2023

The 80 Lower AR-15. It’s a prized concept in the Firearms community. It’s the most infamous thing that liberals try to use to get everyone on their bandwagon of disarming the population. We see through that though. And here is why you should by an 80 Lower AR-15

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Why Are AR-15s Popular?

Well, let’s start off with what an AR-15 is already good at. It is an extremely modular platform, capable of running with different finishes, parts, and materials. They can come in blue, black, or any other color you can think of. The AR-15 takes the idea of “because I can” and multiplies it times ten thousand.

The 80 Lower gives you that extra bit of freedom to make your rifle truly yours. Nameless, but ever-purposeful in whatever you want it to be. And that is the beauty of it all.

Is An 80 Lower AR-15 Worth Buying?

It might sound like a broken record at this point, but the 80 lower is something special, in that federal regulations (for now) do not view the transfer of them as the transfer of firearms. They are essentially aluminum blocks. We don’t condone anything illegally to be done with our products. In fact we promote, the legal ownership of firearms, and the freedom to defend oneself from harm if the situation calls for it. This is the United States after all.

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Why Buy An 80 Percent Lower?

The 80 lower is meant for builders to make something that fits any mold. It is not meant to be the perfect rifle, but it is meant to be perfect for you. You control every aspect of its production and its use.

It is a cost efficient way to learn about your rifle and express your God-given rights. Whether it be to defend yourself, go on your next hunt, compete it sport shooting, or simply because you are able to, the 80 percent lower AR-15 is built by you, for you. Let Thunder Tactical help you with your next build today.