The AR has come a long way since its conception in the late 1950’s. In these more modern times, the AR has made a name for itself as sparking one of the most controversial topics around gun rights. Many misconceptions have made these civilian rifles a topic for disdain, but we are here to shed some truth on the history of the AR 15.

Early Years

The AR in AR 15  stands for ArmaLite. That is the company that created the rifle. In 1959, the rights to the AR 15 were sold to Colt who modified it into the military variant called the M16. When it was adopted by the military, the rifle was successful in many ways, so Colt decided to start new development on the same rifle for civilian use. This became the modern AR 15.

AR-15 VS M-16

In external appearance the AR -15 and the M16 are almost identical. However, the inner mechanisms, like the fire control group are milled and set up differently. The AR-15 is only set to go between safety and semi automatic modes while the M16 uses interchangeable parts that allow it to be made into a fully auto and semi auto firearm.

America’s Most Famous

For reasons of customization, easy milling, reliability, adaptability, the AR-15 has become America’s favorite firearm. The ability to personally modify the AR caliber, barrel length and optics make it highly sought after by civilians and professional sports shooters alike.

Needless to say, a culture has formed around the AR-15. The AR history has perpetuated its growth from its high military reliability as the M16 variant, to its civilian counterpart, boasting immense personalization in its modular design.

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