Under a new law, NYPD off-duty officers may not travel throughout the state of New Jersey with high-capacity firearm magazines.

Many New Jersey residents with excess magazines qualify as de facto felons under the new law, including police officers.

An internal Police memo, issued this week, advised New York City officers of the new law. Passing through with a magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds, off the clock, is violatiing this law.

The law, which limits the magazine size allowed for most gun owners traveling through the state, passed through court earlier this month. Legislation is still pending to amend the statute, allowing officers to carry large-capacity magazines in all instances, according to the document.

“While on duty or traveling to or from an authorized place of duty,” on-duty officers may carry large-capacity magazines. This same allowance, however, does not extend to off-duty law enforcement personnel, as outlined in the memo.

It seems New Jersey officials are even going as far as plans to outlaw distributing information about firearms. The ban also covers sharing computer design files or books that would make gunsmithing easier. These files make it possible to build guns using 3D printers, CNC machines, or traditional tools and will be discussed at a
U.S. District Court hearing scheduled on January 15 in Austin, Texas.

Seeking to ban the distribution of information relating to guns can be considered a direct violation of the First Amendment, Commerce Clause, and Supremacy Clause. New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal argued that posting this information online is as dangerous as handing out hard copies on a street corner.