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No Serial Number | The Truth Behind The AR’s Popularity

Posted by Arthur Adler on May 12th 2023

Before the Gun Control Act of 1968, Serial Numbers were used by professional gun manufacturers to create a system of organization for interchangeable parts. The use of serial numbers has also helped collectors and historians alike appraise antique firearms. However serial numbers are now legally mandatory for every purchased firearm.

And this act has taken away much of the individuality and identity that was expressed in these numbers before. However, with the rise of the 80 lower, firearms have taken back a majority of their identities in an industry that has been ridiculed in social media and politics for ages.

Here is why the AR has become so popular in today’s society.

Serial Numbers

Hopefully with our little history recap, we gave you some idea on one of the key points that perpetuates the AR’s popularity, specifically with 80 Lowers. While serial numbers are mandatory for any AR that is purchased, they are not mandatory for 80 lower builds, whose buyers have build them individually.

Since these 80 lowers do not require serial numbers, they also do not need to be registered. This takes away a lot of the hassle that comes with buying a firearm, but does give way to a new obstacle in having to build the rifle from scratch, and buying all of the parts.

It’s Your Creation

When building an AR 80 lower, you are in control. This the main reason ARs have become popular. There are virtually no regulations on these firearms, besides the ethical and the moral. And for law abiding sportsman, hunters, and DIYers, the AR 15 80 lower build is they way to go.

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