The AR world is ever-growing. New innovations are popping all the time, in more efficient part production, kits, and rifle accessories. When Colt lost its expiration, many other manufacturers seized the opportunity to create different variations of the famous AR-15. This led to the mass AR industry we have today.

In the case of 80 lowers, the diversity of the AR world has skyrocketed. As the rifles are built by the individuals who buy the parts, nearly every new AR-15 is unique in its own way. Thunder Tactical has helped many consumers everywhere make the AR-15 of their dreams!

However, there is an issue of quality, and when it comes to quality, We at Thunder Tactical know exactly what you need. We offer many accessories, from stocks, optics and sights, of the highest quality and durability. Here are 3 great accessories for your AR-15.


Grips are essential to the effectiveness of every shot. Be sure to choose the one that most comfortably fits your grip and posture. Front grips are also very important for stabilizing aim. Sometimes it may take a little searching, but finding the right grip is immensely important for the effectiveness of your rifle.


Finding the right sights for your rifle is very important. The thing is, there should always be a backup. If the batteries on your laser optic die, be sure to have at least a back up iron sight available.

Having a standard flip sight as a backup may not be the most aesthetically pleasing thing in the world, but it will help you on the chance your main sight is not operational.


Buttstocks are important accessories to consider because they add a substantial amount of weight. Weight can affect the nature of your shot. However, a buttstock also helps ins stabilizing the rifle to your chest. And if this part is not comfortable, the shot can suffer greatly.

At Thunder Tactical, we offer the best accessories for the AR-15. Visit our website to get important information and guides to help you build the best custom AR possible!